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Today we take a look at Worlds Beyond, another contender in the web3, virtual worlds space. This collection of virtual worlds is focusing on delivering tools and AI assistance for developers and gamers to created community built content for their ecosystem.

Described (by themselves) as a web3 version of Roblox for adults, Worlds beyond joins the ever growing group of developers seeking to build a ecosystem of community built, virtual worlds and games.

Worlds Beyond follows much of the standard plans for virtual world systems – world customization, developer tools support, game launcher, etc. But, Worlds Beyond is also leaning heavily into the AI trend, utilizing AI to help build out tools such as terrain generation. As part of that, they are working on developing an AI-assisted, text to 3D model system. This will let creators describe what sort of things they want to create, and let the AI do the tedious work of putting it all together. This could be very cool if it works as described!

a few game modes in Worlds Beyond
a few game modes in Worlds Beyond

More About Worlds Beyond

Worlds Beyond aims to provide a number of easy to use tools and templates, making it easy for developers to build and customize their world experiences. This includes a number of public, pre-made assets.


They will also offer an interesting NFT minting feature known as Blueprints. These come in the form of Environmental Blueprints and Logic blueprints. Environmental Blueprints include terrain, buildings, and other game assets. Logic Blueprints contain all the same information as Environmental Blueprints, but they also save all of the game rules and logic for the world as well.

Builders take snapshots of their world and games to create these Blueprints, which can then be sold, rented, and traded to to other players and creators. Anyone can use these Blueprints to instantly create a copy of the world or game contained inside, and then make whatever changes they want. This will be an amazing feature for hardcore builders, as they can easily and quickly monetize any and all creations that they make!

The first two games planned for the Worlds Beyond ecosystem are Last Stand, a multiplayer battle royale game, and Fun Runners, a Fall Guys inspired game.

a Worlds Beyond game in action

Worlds Beyond NFTs and Links

The mint for their Genesis Lands happened in late 2022. But, as of yet, these lands are still unrevealed. You can pick one up on Open Sea for ~$200 USD. They also plan to release an Avatar collection, a token (World Bits, or WBITS), and build out a player run DAO system that helps guide future development. In addition, Worlds Beyond wants to bring interoperability to their ecosystem by supporting avatars from third party PFP collections.

Worlds Beyond is built on Unity and currently lives on the Ethereum blockchain. Though with volatile gas prices on the ETH network, and a number of other projects moving to sidechains or even their own chains, I have to wonder if Worlds Beyond won’t follow suit in the coming months. Also, keep an eye on their social channels for information about the upcoming game releases.

To learn more about Worlds Beyond, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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