Alien Worlds and Colonize Mars Team Up

Alien Worlds Colonize Mars Cosmic Salvagers

Two popular games on WAX team up to bring a special contest to only a limited number of competitors! This contest involves a mini-game called Cosmic Salvagers, created through a partnership between Alien Worlds and Colonize Mars, with prizes for the top 50 players including rare NFTs and TLM tokens!

In an upcoming game called Cosmic Salvagers, up to 250 players will compete for a number of prizes including TLM tokens and Alien Worlds NFTs. First place receives 20,000 TLM and an Epic RD9000 Excavator. Prizes scale down from there until 11th through 50th place who each earn 1,000 TLM tokens (worth a little under $10).

This game is a collaboration between Alien Worlds and Colonize Mars.

To play Cosmic Salvagers, you will need a special Mission Patch. And to acquire the Mission Patch, you need a Voucher. To get a Voucher you will need to blend several NFTs on Nefty Blocks. The blend page is already up, with a countdown showing the time left until the blend opens. The required ingredients are three Shovels from Alien Worlds, and one Season one NFT from Colonize Mars. The blend will open on September 13th at 16:00 UTC.


But only 200 of the badges will be available from the blend. Twenty are held back for distribution in an upcoming contest. And the remaining thirty go to the Planetary Syndicates in Alien Worlds, five to each one. It is then up to the Syndicates to individually decide how they will distribute their share of the Vouchers!

When redeemed, Vouchers will contain the Mission Patch and some tokens for you to play Cosmic Salvagers.

Cosmic Salvagers

Cosmic Salvagers is a strategic mini-game where players maneuver a rover across the landscape of Mars trying to find resources. In this case, those resources are remnants of an ancient alien spacecraft! Needless to say, these parts could be quite valuable, and generous rewards will go out to those players who are the best at scavenging!

Players have three minutes to gather as many parts as they can. Scores are boosted for using fewer scans, and for having accurate scans. Only the highest score for each player will count. Players can make as many attempts as they want, though each one will require an arcade token. Some tokens can be found in the Starter Packs (acquired with Vouchers), and additional tokens may be purchased for 100 MARTIA each once the game is live.

Cosmic Salvagers starts on Sept 25th at 16:00 UTC and ends October 5th at 16:00 UTC. Rewards will be distributed via airdrops on Friday October 6th.

Cosmic Salvager screenshot
scan and salvage parts

What is Colonize Mars?

Colonize Mars is a strategic, colony simulation game built on the Wax blockchain. Players use their NFTs to aid in colony development and eventually create land expansions and build player-owned hubs. Players generate resources by holding NFTs and then decide how to spend those resources to help develop the colony.

To learn more about Colonize Mars, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

Alien Worlds Ecosystem

With various community grants and the Planetary DAO governance finding its legs, the Alien Worlds ecosystem is beginning to grow rapidly, with a number of third party apps, games and utilities in development.

To keep up with all of the Planetary Syndicate news, check out the Syndicate Underground articles in the Alien Worlds Medium feed.

Read more in our Alien Worlds guide.

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