Ascenders Land Mint and Simulation Game

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Ascenders, an in development, open world MMO, is holding a mint for Land NFTs later this month. These NFTs will be usable as early as June for a resource extraction game, set in the Ascenders universe.

Ascenders brings a land mint to their playerbase, offering NFTs that will provide game utility in both the primary MMO, and a new, soon to be released land simulation game called Ascenders Simulation!

The land sale opens on May 18th and will be held on MetaDrop. A total of 6,500 NFTs are up for grabs, priced at $70 in ETH for those on the whitelist — $100 for the public sale. The sale will be on the Arbitrum network.

This sale includes a whitelist and a public portion. And if you’re not already on the whitelist, you may want to start looking around now for spots. There continue to be opportunities with various partners and collaborations. Check the Ascenders Twitter feed as well as your other favorite web3 projects for chances to win a spot on the whitelist.


What is Ascenders Simulation?

Ascenders Simulation launches in June 8th, providing a first opportunity for land owners to utilize their NFTs. Ascenders Simulation is a browser based, base building, resource gathering simulation game. Players will have a number of Building Plots to use based on their land NFT. Players without NFTs will have access to a few starting plots they can build on. When starting the game, players pick a City to ally with. This choice affects the potential resources available. In-game, players choose workers, build extractors, refineries, and fabricators, and upgrade their production potential.

This is kind of similar to Illuvium Zero, and hopefully Ascenders has similar plans to let players eventually create items that can be used in the larger, MMO game.

What is Ascenders?

Ascenders is a sci-fi / fantasy, action MMO in development on the Arbitrum blockchain. Featuring an open world experience on an alien planet where players must build up their civilization, Ascenders also offers instanced dungeons and PvP. Ascenders will focus heavily on crafting. Players won’t find ready to equip items when out adventuring. Instead they will find parts and resources which can be combined into the items.

Ascenders will include a dual token system. Their blockchain token, AGC (Ascenders Governance Council) is expected to launch in the second half of 2023. The game currency will be GC (Glow Gems).

And while the primary game is still a ways off, the team is releasing Ascenders Simulation, a base building, resource gathering game, in early summer of 2023.

To learn more about Ascenders, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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