Axie Origins Season 4 Improves New Player Experience

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Axie Origins pushes forward with a new season of their creature battling strategy game, bringing game updates, new rewards, and even the ability to upgrader starter Axies! With many improvements for new and lower ranked players, Axie Origins is focused on growing and maintaining their playerbase.

The focus of season 4 of Axie Origins seems to be new player experience. With new starter runes and charms, quicker progression at lower ranks, and the ability to upgrader starter Axies!

Axie Origins is still one of the most played games in the web3 gaming space. And their ongoing dedication to enhancing and improving the experience is a great sign for a game that has gone through a number of growing pains!

Season 4 Info

This season brings a new set of leaderboards and rewards, with over 111 thousand AXS token to be distributed as rewards. As with previous seasons, this season is divided up into three Eras, Rare, Epic, and Mystic. During each Era, the top 20,00 players receive a payout in mAXS tokens, with bonus, in-game prizes to the top million players.

Axie Origins season 4 reward
Axie Origins season 4 reward

Season 4 sees the introduction of a new mechanic. When playing a match, unused Energy will convert to Energy Fragments. Players can then use these Fragments to hold onto unplayed cards between rounds.

We also have a number of balancing updates with this season. You can read the full changelog here.

To enhance the overall user experience, the animation speed in Axie Origins the team has increased. They have also amped up Blitz mode, making the game run at 1.75x normal speed for those who like fast-paced contests!

Progression at lower ranks has been increased to encourage lower-ranked players. Meanwhile, higher ranked players will need to battle more often to maintain their position.

Season 4 rank rewards
Season 4 rank rewards

This season also brings a new feature for free to play players – the ability to level up the starter Axies! Players level up their starter Axies with Class Badges and Honor Medals, earned by completing daily and weekly missions. On top of that, players will also begin the season with a selection of starter Runes and Charms, allowing for more play customization right from the beginning.

Another added feature is a eSports mode. When toggled, all Runes and Charms are unlocked for the players, but any matches played in this mode won’t affect the player’s ranking.

What is Axie Origins?

Axie Origins is a creature battler and breeding game. Originally on the Ethereum network, Axie Infinity moved to the Ronin sidechain in 2021, and launched a staking system for their AXS governance token. In the game players use a team of three Axie NFTs to battle opponents in Adventure mode (PvE) and the Arena (PvP). Axies can be upgrade with Runes and Charms.

Rewards from the Arena include Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and AXS, the governance token for Axie Infinity.

Players use SLP to breed new Axies. Parent Axies can only produce offspring a limited number of times. Also, players can attach Runes and Charms found in PvE mode to provide boosts to Axies. Axie Infinity rebooted their main game in late 2022 with the launch of Axie Origins. They have also added a new growing and decorating mini-game for landowners.

For help playing Axie Origins, check out our game guide and review.

Axie Origins
Axie Origins

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