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After very disappointing results from their land sale last month, Chainmonsters announced today that they were pausing development. Many new games were launched in the play to earn heyday of early 2021, but unfortunately, not all will survive and thrive.

Among all of the news about new mints, alphas, releases, and other signs of a gowing web3 gaming scene, there is sometimes also sad news. In this case, it’s the demise of Chainmonsters, a Pokemon styled game.

Launched with a Genesis sale back in 2021, Chainmonsters has been unable to raise any additional venture capital funding over the past two years. Instead they were mostly running off of the income from that original sale. And when their new land sale in March of 2023 had a very lackluster performance, the writing was on the wall. No longer able to even afford to keep the game servers running, Chainmonsters is officially shutting down, though they still hold out hope for securing additional funding in the future and rebooting their game.

And while pausing development usually signals the end of a game, Chainmonsters seems intent on trying to resurrect the project sometime in the future. The Chainmonsters team says that all game an account progress is backed up. So if they do revive the game, players will be able to start right where they left off.


I’m sure that this was a a very painful announcement to make. But, I do have to give kudos to the Chainmonsters team for speaking up. There are a lot of other independent developers that just kind of disappear without ever saying anything to their playerbase.

And so we wish the best of luck to the Chainmonsters team. Perhaps, some day in the not too distant future, we’ll be talking about their victorious return!

Chainmonsters screenshot
will we return to the Chainmonsters islands one day?

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a blockchain-based MMORPG game developed by B-Side Games. Chainmonsters has a Pokemon-style gameplay to it. Players catch, battle, and train creatures known as Chainmons.

The game includes a number of different NFTs that players can buy, sell or trade on the Chainmonsters’ marketplace. There is currently no cryptocurrency or in-game currency token in Chainmonsters. Instead, the game relies totally on NFTs for its economy. The game’s market allows you to buy clothes, power-ups, restorative items, and food.

The world of Chainmonsters features a large world full of beautiful areas, unique Chainmons, and hidden secrets. Players can use fast travel to jump from one place to another quickly. There are 135 different Chainmons in the game, all of which have unique traits and mutations. The game story takes place in the fictional world of Ancora, which is divided into eight areas.

The game is now on hiatus and the servers are closed.

To learn more about Chainmonsters, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Chainmonsters screenshot
Chainmonsters screenshot

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