Chumbi Valley Moves to Single Token System

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In a day where most web3 gaming projects opt for a dual token system, Chumbi Valley bucks the trend by announcing they will be moving to a single token system! Chumbi token, or CHMB, will function as the governance token as well as provide in-game utility for breeding, while a second, game only currency will be used for basic game activities.

While we still wait for some sort of demo or playtest from Chumbi Valley, they do continue to provide us with regular development updates. These generally showcase art, animations, and other such things. However, one of the latest updates from the Chumbi team concerns the game economy. Particularly the game currency, which is moving to a single token system.

Now single token does not mean single currency. Chumbi Valley will still have two currencies, but only one will be on-chain. This decision is in response to the downturn in ‘play to earn’ game economies. And certainly, their initial plans for an unlimited token supply that could be earned by playing and then cashed out at any time was a recipe for disaster. So, kudos to the Chumbi team for recognizing the potential issue and making changes to rectify the situation!

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Lucky Stars and CHMB Tokens

Lucky Stars will be the primary game currency, residing off-chain in the game servers’ memory only. Players earn Lucky Stars by selling resources, completing quests, finding treasure, and defeating enemies in battle. Lucky Stars are used to progress in-game — for example, buying seeds, upgrading Chumbi spells, and crafting items.


The already existing Chumbi token (CHMB) won’t change. CHMB will remain the staking and governance token, as was the original intent. In addition, players will need CHMB token for breeding, buying items on the in-game marketplace, and purchasing special cosmetics and game boosts (crafting speedup for example).

There will also be a play and earn feature in Chumbi Valley allowing players to earn CHMB tokens. The team is still quiet on how this system will work, but hopefully we’ll hear some details in the near future.

pre-alpha build screenshot for Chumbi Valley
pre-alpha build screenshot

What is Chumbi Valley?

Chumbi Valley is an adventure game with taming, breeding, and other such creature owning activities. Kind of a cross between Pokémon and Stardew Valley. Players explore the world with customizable characters, grow crops on their lands, fight Chumbi battles against cursed Chumbi and other players, craft items, and breed new Chumbis. Chumbis are generative, each with fifteen main types and hundreds of different body parts and patterns, making each one unique.

There are only 4096 original Seed Chumbis, though at some point in the future players will have the option to breed their Chumbi. Aside from generating new NFTs, some of the Chumbi coat types might only be found in the third or fourth generations, encouraging breeders to keep making Seed Pods and providing value to later generation Chumbi!

Chumbi Valley includes one governance and utility token, CHMB, and an in-game currency called Lucky Stars.

To learn more about Chumbi Valley, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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