Cointelegraph launches Innovation Circle — A private membership service for industry leaders

Cointelegraph launches Innovation Circle — A private membership service for industry leaders

Your friendly neighborhood digital media publication covering news on crypto and blockchain has launched a private membership service aimed at business leaders and industry experts who share a commitment to shaping the future of the space.

Starting March 1,  Cointelegraph Innovation Circle will be available to a select group of company founders and senior executives, as well as experts in crypto, financial technology, blockchain and alternative assets who are chosen for their proven accomplishments and business acumen. Members will have access to a custom-built portal designed to foster connections, publication and idea-sharing through groups, private threads and ongoing discussions.

“We believe in the power of collaboration and are proud to launch the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, a community with a shared vision of leveraging blockchain technology to make the world a more equitable and secure place,” said Cointelegraph CEO Jay Cassano. “We are building a community of thoughtful leaders dedicated to expanding crypto literacy and industry access across the globe.”

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In addition to the opportunities for networking and intraindustry communication, Innovation Circle members may be invited to work with Cointelegraph’s editorial team to publish articles on its website and offer their expertise on key issues facing the industry. There are also travel-related perks and collaborations available through virtual events and online meetups.

Cointelegraph Innovation Circle is the latest exclusive offering from the digital media publication, which also provides access to data and analytics on the crypto market through Cointelegraph Markets Pro and newsletters for the industry’s business beat and professional investors.

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