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Chronos continues to build on their multi-player, side-scrolling, action game by adding a new crafting system. Players can now trade rare resources found in-game with the Shady Merchant and craft NFT items!

Since their open beta release earlier this year, Chronos has continued to build and expand on their game, adding new game modes, new maps, a mail system, tournaments, new biomes, and more! And their latest release brings the opportunity for players to craft game NFTs!

To craft, players must visit the Shady Merchant in town. There, players can exchange resources they find in-game for various items. The Shady Merchant is capricious though. His inventory is always changing, and he will even offer different options to different players! Rumors have it that owning a Traveler NFT will provide access to exclusive recipes.

Players will also be required to pay a small fee in Gems to craft new items. Gems are the in-game currency. And aside from the need to purchase a few Gems, everything else needed for crafting items is obtained in-game. Active players can even leverage this into a play to earn opportunity as they grind out resources, craft NFTs, and sell them on the markets!


Players can purchase Travelers and Item NFTs on Open Sea.

craft items in Chronos
craft items in Chronos

In addition, Chronos is offering an exclusive, free NFT mint for their beta testers. Submit a request ticket on their Discord server with screenshots of your in-game stats and you can receive one of three special items. But this opportunity is only open for a limited time. Submit your ticket before March 12th, 7pm CST!

What is Chronos?

Chronos is a free to play, multiplayer, side-scrolling, RPG game. Players share a central social hub with shops, crafting stations and such. They then venture through the portal to join a match. Chronos features several game modes, including team PvP, survival arena PvE, and a mixed PvE / PvP mode.

Players can earn crafting resources and Dark Aether tokens by playing matches. But each character has limited energy, which refills slowly over time. Players can spend crystals to upgrade their character stats and spend skill points acquired in-game to also improve and customize their characters with special abilities.

Avatars begin naked, but can equip various weapons and armor. A couple of starter quests help provide the player with basic gear. However, this gear wears down with use, and there is no repair option! On the other hand, NFT items do not wear down, making them very useful to own!

Travelers are the NFT avatars for the game and come with stat boosts and other bonuses.

To learn more about Chronos, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord. Chronos is available for download on the Elixir app.

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