Eldarune Dungeons Launched on Mainnet

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The first game in the Eldarune universe has launched on the mainnet, with access slowly rolled out to those chosen through an open whitelist process. With the ability to receive both ELDA tokens and NFTs from finishing dungeons, Eldarune is sure to attract a number of adventurers eager to try their luck in the dungeons!

The first mainnet launch for Eldarune brings us a dungeon adventure mode. Officially known as “Eldarune — WoE“ Dungeon mode, this mode is a dungeon survival style game where players must face and defeat waves of “Quadro-enemies”

Players assemble teams of four characters and venture into the Dungeon. Players have over 40 Champions to choose from when building their team. Emerging victorious on dungeon runs grants rewards which could include ELDA tokens and in-game NFT rewards. Along the way, players can upgrade their Champions and equip them with various items and equipment. Items level up through a burning technique — merge two of the same item for one of a higher rank.

Players who would rather passively engage with the game can choose auto-play mode. However, using auto-play requires tickets. The first players will receive an allotment of these tickets daily. In the future, they will need to be purchased from the store for ELDA tokens.

Eldarune Champions

How to Acquire Champion NFTs

The first waves of players in Eldarune Dungeons will be given four Oathstones. Additionally, players can find Champion NFTs by cracking open Oathstones. Players can purchase Oathstones from the official store using ELDA tokens. Prices range from 350 ELDA (~$2.50) for an uncommon Oathstone up to 2500 (~$18) for a legendary.

Holders of Eldarune NFTs can also earn Oathstones by staking them in Digard. Rune NFTs can generate one Oathstone of their same rarity every 30 days, or lower rarity ones at quicker rates. For example, a Legendary Rune can make a Legendary Oathstone every 30 days, or an Uncommon Oathstone every 10 days.

Oathstone drop rates
Oathstone drop rates

Alec NFTs

Soulbound tokens have been a hot topic lately, and Eldarune has their own, called Alec. At the moment these NFTs are gated. Those interested in receiving an Alec NFT need to hold at least 750 ELDA tokens and apply for a whitelist spot, which will also grant them access to the game, and provide an airdrop of Oathstones to help you get started!

Alec is a free to claim NFT. You can apply for a whitelist spot on the Eldarune website.

What is Eldarune?

Eldrarune is a medieval-themed, 3D, action RPG running on the Binance Chain. Eldarune will include seasons, a clan system, dungeons, storyline quests, and more. Players will be able to level up their characters, equip items, form parties with their friends, defeat their foes, compete for loot and engage in PvP fights.

Eldarune will also offer a single-player Campaign mode, Dungeons, which can be run solo or in a group, PvP arenas, and Clan mode, where an entire Clan must work together to resist an overwhelming enemy and defeat the big boss!

Funded by Seedify, Eldarune runs on the Digard GameFi platform. Eldarune plans to lean into AI learning for their game, letting the AI learn from player behavior, and even providing an AI assistant for your battles!

To learn more about Eldarune, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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