ev.io Introduces Snipe the Streamer Mode


The popular FPS ev.io has created a new game mode called Snipe the Streamer. In this mode, streamers can setup special rooms and challenge their viewers to beat them in a one vs many competition!

Stream sniping is a tactic where players will try to join the same game that a streamer is playing, and use the info from the stream to track down the streaming player and kill / harass them. In fact, most FPS streamers have a delay on their broadcast to help avoid these situations. But ev.io is turning this concept on its head, introducing a new Snipe the Streamer game mode.

To play this mode, streamers will start a match, and then post the link in their Twitch channel. Anyone who joins will be automatically teamed with the other players who are fighting against the streamer. To make up for the team imbalance, the streamer will receive some perks. During the match they will have enhanced abilities and weapons, as well as taking only 5% of the normal damage.

The other players who join have a limited number of lives. If they run out, they are booted from the server, and the next player in the queue takes their place. The ev.io team recommends that you have at least six opponents for this game mode. The game host will also have some settings options they can change, such as how many lives each player gets.


And you don’t have to be a streamer to use this mode. Friend groups can choose to play this as well.

Snipe the Streamer queue
Snipe the Streamer queue

Other features in the works

But this new game mode isn’t all that is happening with ev.io. They also just added a new map called Bedlam.

In addition, they are working hard on improving their server performance as well as creating a ranking and NFT leveling system. They also plan to have a store with a rotating set of NFTs available, and a battle pass style system with “Quest Cards”.

There is still a lot to come for this free to play, browser-based FPS!

What is ev.io?

ev.io is a browser based FPS with NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Players earn game coins by playing, with bonuses for being a registered user (rather than guest12345) and for equipping game NFTs. Accumulate 10,000 of these tokens, and you can cash them out for $5 worth of SOL cryptocurrency. The in-game tokens have no other use at the moment, but that may change in a future update.

Getting started playing ev.io is absurdly simple. Simply visit their website and click on Play Now! The game runs in a browser, and you don’t even need to login to play! Though you will want to login if you want to earn tokens. After that you jump, aim, shoot, and try out different weapons.

The game runs very smoothly, and has an Unreal Tournament feel to it. Arenas are pretty bare bones, with lots of corridors and high ceilings for jumping. Players start with a basic rifle and grenades but can pick up various other weapons that spawn around the map. Matches are timed and generally action packed. Public servers are always available and players can setup their own, custom game lobbies as well.

ev.io features a leveling up system, allowing players to customize to their playstyle by purchasing attributes such as as reduced reload time or the ability to triple jump. In the future, players will also be able to level up their NFTs to increase their earnings.

For more about ev.io, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

ev.io gameplay

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