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Generative Dungeon begins taking their player made dungeon experience to a new dimension with the introduction of Generative Quests, a way to experience the Dungeons in 3D!

Generative Dungeon already featured an interesting integration where owners can edit the layout of their dungeon NFT, and anyone can play through the dungeon, within the NFT image! But now Generative Dungeon kicks things up another level (or another dimension actually), by automatically converting dungeons into 3D! That’s right, Dungeon owners don’t have to do anything besides build out the 2D version of their dungeon. The map will have a 3d version created, which players can experience using a new game client called Generative Quests.

Generative Quests was created because the data for running a 3D map was too much to handle through the NFT interface. So, we have a new, downloadable client that will provide access to all of those 3D dungeon experiences! The game offers a third-person, Diablo style view and uses the Unreal 5 engine.

Unfortunately, Generative Quests is only available to Dungeon owners at the moment. Hopefully a release to the public will come sometime soon.


In the meantime, you can still enjoy the 2d versions directly through the NFT itself! This works on both the Generative Dungeon website, and on Open Sea.

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What are Generative Dungeons?

Procedurally generated, each Dungeon comes with its own character class, terrain type, monsters, and more. The game is a typical, Roguelite type game with warriors, spellcasters, fantasy creatures, etc. Players explore the map in a turn-based manner, with items to pick up and monsters to fight. The objective is to survive, get to the bottom of the dungeon, and find the ‘Shitcoin’. Once that is done, your name and score are saved to the Dungeon’s leaderboard.

Generative Dungeon doesn’t have any built-in play to earn features. It’s up to each dungeon owner to decide how to use their NFT. But they do have some tools available. For example, Dungeon owners can choose to lock their dungeon behind a passcode. They can also change their Dungeon’s leaderboard, which is attached to the NFT. They can remove players from it, or wipe it entirely. So there is room for enterprising dungeon masters to host tournaments and other events with their Dungeon.

Additionally, Dungeon owners can edit their NFT with the Dungeon Editor. This includes adding clues for players, pre-generated levels, portals, and various other things. Additional items for customizing Dungeons are available for purchase in the Bazaar, including some made by players!

Generative Dungeon 3d

Generative Avatars and Integrated Partners

Players default to the character class associated with the Dungeon unless they have a Generative Avatar, which can be played in any Dungeon. On top of that, these Avatar NFTs have their own game embedded! A multiplayer, fantasy, battle royale, style rumble.

Generative Dungeon also works with partners to integrate their NFTs into the game. If you hold an NFT from an integrated collection, you can play with a special, exclusive Avatar, which is kind of cool! And they are always looking for more partners to collaborate with. In another cool feature, NFT collections who are also Dungeon owners can link their own NFT collections, providing an in-game bonus to players who hold their NFTs.

Owners of both Dungeons and Avatars can stake them on the official site to earn DNG token. DNG can be used at bazaar to buy items.

For more about Generative Dungeon, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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