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Another event comes to Massina, as Champions Ascension announces a 10-day raffle with over $15,000 worth of prizes, including ten Legendary Crystals! Anyone can join. All that’s required is earning enough tickets (300 per raffle entry) by participating in their arena combat PvP game!

A new event arrives in Champions Ascension on February 16th, with thousands of dollars worth of prizes for the lucky raffle winners! No purchase or entry fees required. Simply collect tickets by fighting in the Arena, and then, once the raffle opens, use them to by raffle entries.

The raffles start on February 16th and will run once a day at 6pm UTC, with all entries reset at the same time. Each raffle entry costs 300 tickets. It sounds like the prizes awarded during the raffles may change from day to day. But we do know for sure that each raffle will have a Legendary, 4-Prong Crystal as a prize. These exceedingly rare items are so valued that the Emperor of Massina has offered to buy any found from the owners for $1000 USDC! Of course, you don’t have to sell them back to the Emperor.

Players use Essence Crystals to level up their Champions, with rarer Crystals granting greater bonuses.


In addition, the Emperor declared that he needs Ultra Rare Grunts for his Imperial Guard. Anyone who pulls an Ultra Rare Grunt during this event will receive a purchase offer to the tune of $500 USDC.

And though the raffles haven’t started yet, players can still start earning tickets before then. Champions Ascension is free to play. You don’t even need a crypto wallet! Head over to to start playing now!

Champions Ascension has really made huge strides in making their action-packed arena combat game easy to pick up and fun to play, while still leaving plenty of room for skilled players to stand out. If you’re just starting out, I recommend the Arena of Carnage (after the tutorial). There is enough chaos and craziness that you don’t have to worry so much if you don’t really know what you’re doing!

Champions Ascension crystal guide

What is Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is an arena-based, gladiatorial combat game where every fighter has their own unique set of visuals, stats, and special abilities. Players can compete in one on one combat, team fights, and the free for all Arena of Carnage!

Champions Ascension NFT collections include their original Prime Eternals, Elemental Eternals, Pets, and the Imperial Gallery (items that find use in an upcoming game featuring player generated challenges). Eternals are unique, generative, playable PFP characters. Each Champion has a House type, and various body Parts. House and Body Parts determine what abilities that Champion can use in combat.

Champions earn Essence and Tickets in arena combat. Players need Essence and Gold to level up Champions and to create Essence Crystals, which are used to upgrade Grunts. Tickets are used for various other activities. Players themselves can collect daily Chrono Imperium experience by holding Eternals in their wallet. Players receive various game rewards such as currency and items for reaching certain milestones in Chrono Imperium experience.

Future plans include more arena variety, crafting, and custom, player-made battlegrounds. Champions Ascension is free to play, no wallet or NFTs required.

To learn more about Champions Ascension, visit their website, join their Discord server, and follow them on Twitter. Champions Ascension is listed on Steam and also available on Epic Games.

the aptly named Arena of Carnage

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