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As part of their gradual move to their own chain, GYRI, Gala Games has migrated all of the Gala Games NFTs they were holding, and are now ready to distribute many of them via a limited edition ‘Mystery Box’ sale! With five rarities of Mystery Box, and over 350 different items inside, this could be a birthday in August for some lucky buyers!

Gala Games has moved all of their held NFT inventory over to their own chain, and are now ready to empty some of those vaults with a Mystery Box sale!

This is a big move for Gala games and should accelerate the migration of their entire game portfolio, including NFTs, nodes, and development, over to their GYRI chain.

Gala Games Mystery Box rarities
which Mystery Box will you buy?

Mystery Box Info

Mystery Boxes come in five rarities, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Prices start at $19 (USD) for a Bronze Box, all the way up to $999 for a Diamond Box. Inside of each box are three items. These include a wide variety of NFTs from across the Gala games ecosystem — The Walking Dead: Empires, Superior, Echoes of Empire, Town Star, Last Expedition, Legacy, and Meow Match.


Among the Boxes are some very valuable items such as a Ancient rarity Daryl for Walking Dead, Epic Celestial Claims for Echoes of Empire, and Ancient Primal Ravagers for Last Expedition!

But not all items are NFTs. Some items are chests, holding SILK or GALA tokens. Gala says that they have ensured that the three items inside of each chest won’t all come from the same game. Hopefully they will do the same to make sure that each Mystery Box contains at least one NFT!

Gala has conveniently provided charts showing us what could be in each rarity level of Mystery Box and what the odds are of receiving the various rewards.

Notably absent from this list is Mirandus, an upcoming fantasy MMO. That’s because apparently they will have their very own Mystery Box sale sometime in the near future with only Mirandus items inside!

Since this is on Gala’s sidechain, opening the Boxes won’t require any gas or transaction fees. And since the Boxes are NFTs. presumably they could be held and traded to other players, though we don’t have official word on that.

We also don’t have a specific date for the sale yet, though rumor has it that it could happen before the end of August.

More About Gala Games

Gala Games is a blockchain ecosystem for web3 games. This includes in-house games, as well as partnerships with other developers. Their games in development include Spider Tanks, Mirandus, Superior, Town Star, and many others. They also purchased Ember Entertainment, a mobile gaming company, not long ago to get a jumpstart on expanding into the mobile market.

But Gala includes more than just games. They have launched projects for distributing Music and Film as NFTs! Gala Games is also integrating their ecosystem into their own blockchain known as GYRI, on which all of their apps and games will live in the future.

To keep up with all of the latest from Gala Games, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.

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