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A new, free NFT mint is on the way! Called ‘The Awakening’, this dynamic NFT series from Morra games will allow players to customize their NFTs as they build towards reaching Genesis tier.

Officially titled, Mora: The Awakening, this NFT collection, includes three layers — Mystical Runes, Enchantments, and Genesis. Players start with Mystical Runes and try to work their way up to a Genesis NFT.

Everything begins with the Runes. Mystical Runes function as an unlock mechanism for Enchantments. Users who use Runes to unlock the Enchantment tier will receive a random Enchantment NFT.

Enchantments for 'The Awakening'
a few Enchantments for ‘The Awakening’

Enchantments are in turn used to upgrade to Genesis tier. This requires ten specific Enchantments which are burned on use. Enchantments also provide access to Morra Games alpha tests, open up participation in governance endeavors, unlock token-gated channels, and ensure a guaranteed whitelist spot for future Morra Games drops.


Once an Awakened NFT reaches the Genesis tier, they become playable characters, with on-chain upgrades that are earned through gameplay. We don’t have any details about how these Genesis NFTs will function in-game, and they may not actually be playable as such. The official statement is that Genesis NFTs will have “direct applicability in Morra Games titles.” Hopefully we’ll have some more details on that soon.

Morra Games wants to create a free to mint ecosystem for these NFTs, while rewarding engaged members of their community. In fact, the first step has already begin with a Zealy quest! Everyone who participates will receive five Mystical Runes and the top 1000 will also receive an additional three Runes! The Zealy quest involves interaction with Twitter and Discord. There will likely be other social engagement contests in the future.

What is Morra Games?

Morra Games is a game development company that originally began as the team behind Metalands, a battle-royale style FPS that included both PvE and PvP on the same battlefield. After months of quiet, they founded Morra Games, rebranded their Discord, and relaunched their game development.

Metalands, their FPS game, has rebranded into Karnak Legacy. Not only will Karnak Legacy have a rather unique, Egyptian theme, but it will also offer crafting and skill customization. In addition, Morra Games is developing a game called Mythya. Mythya is a base-building game that includes PvP and PvE, very similar to League of Kingdoms.

Morra Games is taking a mobile first route for their games, though they have not ruled out releasing PC versions as well.

To learn more about Morra Games, Karnak Legacy, and Mythya, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

You can also follow the game specific Twitter accounts for Mythya and Karnak Legacy.

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