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Just when you though that Gala Games was done expanding the scope of their portfolio, they go and add yet another project! This latest venture, known as REP, is a social media network with an already functioning prototype that will run on the GalaChain.

Gala Games has said that they want their GalaChain to be home to more than just the games and apps from the Gala portfolio. And with this latest announcement it seems they are well on their way to making that a reality!

Gala Games has announced a partnership with REP, a social media network, to bring their app and its entire ecosystem over to GalaChain! And as part of that, there will be REP Nodes, run by individuals around the world to support the REP system. In fact, the REP Nodes are already for sale with a starting price of 1.225 ETH (or the equivalent in GALA tokens) for the first Nodes.

Gala Games is already leaning heavily into distributed computing for their games as well as their film and music projects. So it’s no surprise that REP would have user owned nodes of their own as well! Node owners will earn rewards for keeping their node up and active.


What is REP?

REP bills itself as a ‘Super Twitter’, giving users the option of posting short, Twitter-type messages, as well as longer articles. They also plan to allow the creation of private social networks.

On top of that, REP also uses geolocation and augmented reality features to create a treasure hunt style game where users can both create and join in on the hunts themselves. REP even wants to gameify the sign-up process, making new users locate treasure chests that contain codes to unlock the app.

REP includes personal profile pages for all users with unique URLs and various widget options — a sort of digital, one stop, business card. Users will also be able to setup personalized marketplaces within their profile

REP promises to not collect data from users, and also promises to remain ad-free. They will manage this by releasing their own token on GalaChain called REPS. Some examples of potential REPS use-cases include creating private networks, amplifying the visibility of posts, purchasing nodes, and adding special widgets to a profile.

Now I should clarify and state that REP will be hosted on GalaChain, not actually run by Gala Games. REP is a third-party developer. But, I do imagine that this will be a pretty close partnership. The REP platform is already mostly built, the work comes with putting it onto the GalaChain

REP will integrate with Gala Games though a ‘Gala Friends’ feature, allowing players to easily connect to each other.

You can read the official REP Vision paper for more information and details.

More About Gala Games

Gala Games is a blockchain ecosystem for web3 games. This includes in-house games, as well as partnerships with other developers. Their games in development include Spider Tanks, Mirandus, Superior, Town Star, and many others. They also purchased Ember Entertainment, a mobile gaming company, and have begun integrating NFTs into their existing mobile games.

But Gala includes more than just games. They have launched projects for distributing Music and Film as NFTs! Gala Games is also integrating their ecosystem into their own blockchain known as GalaChain (formerly GYRI), on which all of their apps and games will live in the future.

To keep up with all of the latest from Gala Games, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.

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