Get Ready for the MetaOps X Fractal Tournament


It looks like the play-to-earn tournament season is not over, and that means more prizes for the most skilled players! MetaOps, the Solana-based FPS has partnered with the Fractal launchpad to launch their first tournament. The tournament starts on August 29 at 10 am PT and will last for 36 hours. The tournament is open to all and free-to-play, let’s dive into some of the details.

The MetaOps tournament starts today, August 29 at 10 am PT and will end on August 30 at 10 pm PT. To enter, you simply need to head over to, download the installer, create an account and link your Fractal wallet. That’s it, an easy and free onboarding experience that is becoming Fractal’s trademark!

On the gameplay side, players will spawn with a pistol and face infinite waves of AI enemies. Each kill will give you cash, and with this cash, you will be able to upgrade your weapon. The number of attempts is unlimited and the goal is to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Prize pool

1st: 2,500 $MODS, 1x Custom MetaOps x EFAS Ship, 1x Founder’s Pass, 1x PFP, 1x CQC Melee Weapon (distributed after the mint is over)2nd: 2,000 $MODS, 1x Custom MetaOps x EFAS Ship, 1x Founder’s Pass, 1x PFP, 1x CQC Melee Weapon3rd: 1,500 $MODS, 1x Founder’s Pass, 1x PFP, 1x CQC Melee Weapon4th-10th: 1,000 $MODS (7,000 total), 1x PFP each11th-20th: 400 $MODS (4,000 total), 1x PFP each21st-30th: 300 $MODS (3,000 total)


For now, the $MODS token is only available to NFT holders via staking of their NFTs, so it’s hard to tell how much they will be worth. The thing that we know is that the gameplay is fun and fast-paced, so that’s already a win!

In addition, every participant will be airdropped a whitelist token for the upcoming MetaOps melee mint planned for August 31. You can read the full details on this medium post and watch the video tutorial below.

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