Gods Unchained Releases 2023 Roadmap

Gods Unchained Roadmap banner

Gods Unchained releases a 2023 roadmap, outlining some of their plans of the year. This includes new game modes, improved player experiences, and the launch of the Gods Unchained mobile app!

The Gods Unchained team has undergone a number of upheavals over the years. From several organizational restructures to a branching off into the development of Immutable X. However, none of this seemed to help solidify and guide the game’s development. But now the GU team thinks that they are on the right track, with a core group of six developers now in charge of the game,

And so, Gods Unchained now feels comfortable releasing a roadmap of their development plans for the rest of the year.

Gods Unchained Roadmap banner

Gods Unchained Roadmap

Gods Unchained released a roadmap image showing several cards with certain features and milestones. We’re give no timetable for these developments, but presumably they will occur in the order on the cards.


First up we have new game modes, including a Sealed Deck option. Alternate game modes are something that Gods Unchained players have waited a long time for! I really hope they can deliver on this one!

And, to make your life a little more exciting, there will be a new pack opening interface, with new pack opening graphics!

After that comes a Content Creator program, and a staking dashboard for their GODS token. We don’t know much about the Creator program except that it will offer “exciting collaborations, exclusive opportunities, and recognition for the exceptional content you create.” The GODS dashboard will let players easily see and manage their staking rewards and will expand to include additional functionality in the future.

The official launch of the mobile app should come later this year. With plans for both Android and iOS versions, this could potentially bring in new players to Gods Unchained. There is also a planned rewrite of the server architecture to improve game performance. And an un-named, major expansion as well!

The final card has the title of “Progression Update”. But any further details are covered in mist and the official blog post provided no further details. Perhaps more information will come out of the AMA on Discord on May 25th, 10am AET. Daniel Perez, the Executive Producer at Gods Unchained, will be there to answer any questions about the 2023 roadmap.

new pack opening page in development for Gods Unchained
new pack opening page in development

Can Gods Unchained Meet Their Roadmap Goals?

All of this looks good on paper. But as an old-time Gods Unchained player, I’m wondering what happened to the Official Genesis Tournament that was supposed to happen back in 2019. I still have my entry tickets!

Gods Unchained has a notorious history of slow updates. Whether it be new features, game updates, or even community events. But they are good at selling cards, having just completed the sale for their fifth set, and regularly see millions of dollars worth of game NFTs exchanged between players every month.

However, new features, card balancing, patches, and other basic stuff still seems to give them some trouble. It took them three years to deliver Etherbots cards. We’re still waiting for card Chests to make it to Immutable. And they were ‘making good progress’ on a mobile app as far back as 2021!

But, as one GU player put it, “If they can reliably deliver on a lackluster roadmap, I’m all for it at this point.” So we’ll be watching Gods Unchained closely to see if they can deliver on this roadmap over the next few months!

To learn more about Gods Unchained, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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