Google and BrewDog Back Degen Distillery Vodka NFTs

Google and BrewDog Back Degen Distillery Vodka NFTs

Degen Distillery — a London-based innovative spirits brand — is brewing an intriguing NFT project backed by Google and BrewDog on November 15. 

By leveraging NFTs into its business model, Degen Distillery’s flagship NFT project, ‘ORIGO Origin’, acts as the gateway to the spirit brand’s ecosystem, opening both digital and physical perks. 

The initial offering for ORIGO holders includes being granted Degen Distillery’s initial product: a collector’s edition bottle of vodka called ‘721’, aptly named after the number of NFTs available. Collectors can decide whether or not to keep the digital ‘Vodka 721’ asset to themselves, swap it for a physical bottle of vodka, or sell the virtual bottle to another collector for financial gain. 

But most importantly and revolutionary, once minting an ORIGO NFT for 0.1 ETH, collectors will have the rare opportunity to amass wealth through licensing their intellectual property (IP) rights — art, music, and technology — to co-create forthcoming Degen Distillery products. 


Turning IP Ownership into Profitable Income

ORIGO Origin collectors aspiring to profit from their IPs can receive numerous benefits. First up, the NFTs enable members to monetize their collections and creations, spinning their creative endeavors into real world profit. Whether curating NFT artwork, producing music tracks, or designing a bottle label, ORIGO Origins collectors can receive license funds for their creations.

On top of incentivizing artistry, ORIGO Origin bolsters its community by granting ownership and value. NFT collectors and their chosen plus one are offered exclusive access to upcoming collections, events, collaborations and more.

The project’s tech-savvy “social distribution” technology, backed by Google, further empowers collectors to interact with Degen Distillery in innovative ways, like enhancing their digital identities through their chosen branding and lifelong online discounts for Degen’s products. Not only does this make ORIGO NFTs more interesting, but a timeless investment.

Degen Distillery is more than a fleeting trend — it’s a long-term, sustainable, venture that is poised to adapt and grow on the terms of its innovative and passionate community and partnerships.

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