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Guild of Guardians released a lengthy blog post recently, providing us with information about where their game is going. This includes plans for the Guild of Guardians economy, onboarding web2 players, and the upgrading of Guardian NFTs in their ecosystem.

After a couple of early game previews, Guild if Guardians kind of pulled themselves inward as they gave a re-think to their plans for the game. And apparently a lot of that involved revamping their planned economy with a focus on onboarding players and making web3 functionality an optional part of the game rather than mandatory.

Onboarding web2 players continues to be growing focus in web3 gaming development, with numerous different strategies. In this case, Guild of Guardians has already partnered with Immutable X to be one of the first apps to integrate the Immutable Passport.

The Guardians economic system will have two primary branches — dungeon crawling and crafting. Players can assemble teams and scour dungeons for loot. Though they can also find a place in the economy through crafting items and upgraded Guardians. The team plans to roll out the solo, PvE dungeon crawling section first, before releasing any other features.


You can read the official blog post here for the full details. The Guild of Guardians team will also be holding an AMA on September 5th, 6pm CST in their Discord to answer any questions.

Guild of Guardians player progression timeline
Guild of Guardians player progression timeline

Guardians and NFTs in Guild of Guardians

Players will not need NFTs to play Guild of Guardians. Instead they will be able to level up and play with Guardians that they find through gameplay. However, for those who are looking for a specific Guardian, purchasing Guardian NFTs will also be available.

Guardians level up by participating in dungeon runs and can acquire new skills and abilities through rare items found in the dungeons. There will also be a merge / ‘star-up’ system for Guardians, increasing the power and maximum level.

The path for moving web2 players to web3 involves Radiant Guardians. Radiants are regular Guardians who have been converted into NFTs, and gained a little extra power along the way. Once they become a Radiant, Guardians can gain even more power. This is done through the use of Radiant Souls, a currency that can only be acquired by burning other Radiant Guardians, setting up a system to ensure that Guardian NFTs don’t see too much inflation in numbers.

And to avoid players simply buying their way to the top, all Radiant Guardians will have their experience levels reset whenever they are traded! They will still keep any special powers acquired, but the new owner will have to level them up again.

The team promises that the Founder Guardian NFTs will still have a special place in the game. Hopefully we’ll get some more details about those plans in the upcoming AMA.

Guild of Guardians screenshot

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a cooperative, fantasy, action, dungeon crawler game, currently in development on the Ethereum blockchain. Players gather a team of four to enter dungeons, battle monsters, defeat dangerous bosses, and score some sweet loot! The game will be free to play and built for mobile devices first.

Guild of Guardians already has NFTs available on secondary markets and also launched their token, GOG. NFTs can be traded on Immutable X and Token Trove. The token, Guild of Guardians Gems (GOG), can be found on all the ETH DEXs.

The game will feature a rewards pool for GOG token staking that is filled from token usage in-game. Guild of Guardians will also include Pets, Guilds, and Raids, with future plans for land ownership, user created dungeons, and incorporation into eSports. In fact, GoG has already made several partnerships with eSports teams.

Guild of Guardians will be free to play, but those who own NFTs will have various advantages when playing. And for those players who conquer all of the challenges and tasks, the Guardians team plans to build out a robust selection of guild related features and competitions.

To learn more about Guild of Guardians, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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