Iconic Gucci Cosmos Exhibition Goes Virtual on The Sandbox

Iconic Gucci Cosmos Exhibition Goes Virtual on The Sandbox

Virtually Exploring Gucci’s Tapestry of Time 

When first entering Gucci Cosmos Land, players will be immersed in a red and gold hallway that depicts the beginning of the brand’s founder Guccio Gucci’s career as a porter in London’s Savoy Hotel. Presenting how far the fashion titan has come, explorers will later find themselves in a blue room boasting tons of digital designer bags. 

Everyone’s invited to “parkour” through numerous themed worlds while achieving Metaverse quests. The first 100 winners will have the chance to model one of four runway designs virtually and enter into a prize pool of 100 $SAND (The Sandbox’s virtual currency). 

Notably, mirroring popular tangible experiences through digital counterparts to boost recognition and issue exclusive benefits continues to be a strategic element of Gucci’s ‘Dream Big Team’ — the masterminds behind the brand’s Web3 initiatives like  ‘Gucci Relics’ and ‘Gucci Vault Land’, similarly held in The Sandbox. 

This time around, however, Gucci Cosmos Land acts as both an inspiring and enlightening journey for art lovers and fashion enthusiasts, celebrating the creativity that has defined Gucci for generations and continues to endure to this current day. 


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