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A new playtest is coming to Moonfrost! Starting at the end of May, players on the Welcome List will be able to login to the Moonfrost world, tend to their farm, create their own customized house, and collect SHARDS.

Moonfrost, a Stardew Valley-type farming and social game, is opening up a special ‘Farming Fest’ playtest on May 29th. You will need to be on the Welcome List to gain access to this playtest, but securing one of those coveted spots isn’t impossible!

The first step to getting onto the Welcome List is to sign up on the Moonfrost website. After that, you can look for invites if you were an alpha playtester, create content on social media about Moonfrost, or check around with your other favorite web3 gaming projects for collaborative giveaways. In addition, once the playtest begins, anyone who is already on the Welcome List can invite one friend per day.

Farming Fest

This playtest is officially known as the Moonfrost Farming Fest. During this event, which runs from May 29th through June 7th, players will be able farm, working their way up from basic tools to more interesting options (the imagery given to us was “Thor’s Hammer, but for farming”!)


And, of course, after a hard days’ work on the farm, players will need a place to kick back and relax. Custom homes will also be present in the Farming Fest, letting players design their dream home piece by piece!

As for rewards, participants can collect SHARDS by completing tasks in-game and by creating content and sharing it on social media. SHARDS are in-game resource, though their purpose is still unrevealed.

This playtest will be single player only. But, to keep you from feeling too lonely while you work your farm, there will be two NPCs, Ash and Walter, who you can interact with.

build a custom house in Moonfrost
build a custom house in Moonfrost

What is Moonfrost?

Moonfrost is a free to play, character-based, farming game, similar to Stardew Valley. Players farm and gather resources, craft items, decorate their homes, and attract a variety of NPCs to live in their town.

And though the main game will function as a single-player game, Moonfrost will include player interactions, and it will also require an active internet connection when playing. Things with timers such as crops, will still progress when you are offline. And animal lovers will be happy to know that Moonfrost will include no animal killing!

The Moonfrost team releases regular dev updates and reports which you can read on their Discord server. Moonfrost will be released on PC and Mac first, followed by versions for mobile devices

To learn more about Moonfrost, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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