Land Sale and Mainnet Launch for Synergy Land

Synergy Land land sale banner

As we head into February Synergy Land is wrapping up their early access test in preparation for their land sale and a mainnet launch later this month!

After a few rounds of early access testing, Synergy Land is ready to launch, with both their land sale and mainnet launch scheduled for February 22nd!

The land sale opens on February 22nd, and plays out over several rounds. Those with certain NFTs or roles have access to the first rounds, which also offer a discount on the land prices. Players can pay USDT, MATIC, and WETH (and SNG token for the first round). The number of land plots and the price points for each type have not been revealed yet. Interested players can still pick up a Synergian Badge on the secondary markets to participate in the first two rounds of the sale.

Land plots are available in three levels – Settler, Rancher, and Landlord, each with an increasing number of bonuses. You can see the full details on each land type in this chart. Land purchasers also receive a special Galebeak pet when they buy a land plot. Owning your own land provides access to minting stations, breeding stations, boss stations, and more! Land owners can also choose to rent these stations out to other players for a fee in SNG tokens.


The mainnet launch is scheduled to go live right after the land sale. Synergy Land also plans to release their own marketplace that only accepts SNG tokens on February 7th.

What is Synergy Land?

Synergy Land sees players starting out as owners of their own private, floating island where a helpful merchant is ready to guide them through rebuilding the place and turning it into a thriving community. Players farm crops, place buildings, craft, feed their works, and all of that sort of town-building stuff. Synergy Land includes a wide variety of crops and craftable items. The interactions between the various crafting stations and farming grow increasingly complex as you move up the ladder of item crafting. Luckily, the game provides a continuous stream of quests to introduce new buildings and features.

But all of this is just a springboard for the real adventure, Diablo-style dungeon explorations! Complete with skill trees, equipment, bosses, and everything else you would expect. It does take a while to get there though, as players must slog through rebuilding their town first.

One interesting twist with the game is that Synergy Land plans to sell Boss NFTs. Players who own Boss NFTs can upgrade them and receive a payout every time their Boss defeats player characters! Synergy Land will also include Pets, a PvP arena, an in-game, player marketplace, and more!

Synergians are sort of the Genesis NFT for Synergy Land. They act as playable characters, provide ongoing benefits and game access and can be found on a number of third party marketplaces including Magic Eden.

To learn more about Synergy Land, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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