Latest Genopets Update Adds Mini-Game, In-App Shop


Genopets just dropped a new update onto their players, bringing with it a new racing mini-game, an in-app shop, and superior meals and toys! Slowly but surely this Solana-based move to earn app is expanding their game into an app that will handle the entire Genopets ecosystem!

The Genopets app should automatically update to version 0.9.0 then next time you login. This version delivers a new mini-game to the world, as well as an in-app shop with various items for sale.

First up, the new racing mini-game! Its labeled as Arcade Mode and can be found under the main Genopets menu. This game sees players racing down a track, moving back and forth to gather chest fragments while dodging obstacles. Completing this race puts your best score on a leaderboard, and also rewards you with rare food and toy items.

new mini-game in Genopets
new mini-game in Genopets

The new in-app shop for Genopets offers a variety of items including toys, food, and even a ‘Morphosphere’, which will randomly change the head of your Genopet. However, to use this new in-app shop you will need Qubits, the in-app only, premium currency. Players can purchase Qubits in-app with a credit card or their native payment method for their phone.


The toys and food available for the pets are considered superior level items, and will provide a bigger increase in mood when used. In addition, the marketplace also provides a way for players to purchase Energy with Qubits. While this process is easy and seamless for users, on the backend the process is burning KI tokens as well.

And for those who don’t want to get involved with putting fiat into Genopets, future updates will allow players to purchase Qubits with GENE tokens. And there will also be marketplace improvements that let players make purchases with GENE.

Presumably, this in-app marketplace will continue to expand in the future, letting players handle all their Genopets transactions in one place.

Genopets In-app marketplace
Genopets In-app marketplace

What is Genopets?

Genopets is a free-to-play, move-to-earn game built on the Solana blockchain. When using the Genopets app, players collect steps while walking. They then convert those steps into Energy, and then use that Energy to level up their Pet or exchange it for KI tokens. KI tokens are the main currency in Genopets and used to craft Crystals, upgrade Pets, and maintain Habitats.

Genopets visually change as they level up. Higher level Pets also offer a significantly better step to Energy conversion rate. Genopets features a number of NFTs. The main NFTs are Genesis Genopets and Habitats. Players convert Energy to KI tokens and craft Augments and Crystals using a Habitat. Genopets does feature a rental system if you don’t own your own Habitat. Augments and Crystals change the physcial appearance of the Genopet, and also offer bonus stats which will factor into an upcoming PvP system.

To learn more about Genopets visit the Genopets website, follow them in Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Genopets Habitat
a Genopets Habitat

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