Metaverse Project GMeta.One Acquires Plot In Decentraland


Metaverse company & project GMeta.One has this week acquired a plot of land within Decentraland and is now actively developing within the popular metaverse iteration.

The news of more virtual land acquisitions comes in the midst of an ongoing live presale event conducted by the hybrid metaverse platform.

GMeta.One has land development in parallel metaverse ecosystems, each with its own bespoke environment.

This puts the metaverse project ahead of schedule, as the GMeta.One live presale event continues to roll forward with early success.


The Decentraland acquisition is the latest development from the Binance Smart Chain project, prior to its impending launch, whilst growing in exposure and reach on a daily basis.

The plot of virtual land in the Decentraland metaverse reality is in a progressive area within the high-traffic virtual experience.

The -24, -10 parcel acquired by Decentraland is an area just outside of Genesis Plaza, situated just west of Gamers Plaza, an area with games, art galleries and a fully developed civic center.

The area around the GMeta.One plot is being developed rapidly. The ease of interaction and development within Decentraland, makes it a good option as a well-established metaverse to purchase and build within.

GMeta.One has partnered with several brands throughout the metaverse and greater DeFi and blockchain space already. One of those partners within the metaverse continuum is The Roach Motel in Cryptovoxels. GMeta.

One has not only purchased parcels of land within certain metaverse iterations like Cryptovoxels but also partnered with companies innovating within them.

Somnium Space Cubes, another strategic alliance, are available for GMeta.One community member to purchase and program to monetize within the web3 world.

It’s somewhat befitting that Decentraland would be a platform to develop within seeing as the GMeta.One vision is to connect and bridge together metaverse realities that already exist around its own unique utilities, thereby creating a larger iteration from smaller, existing ones.

A vision that puts GMeta.One community member and $GMO token holders in a position to access the benefit of millions of individuals interacting within the smaller iterations, to establish and cultivate value within the greater GMeta.One social and business network.

More on traffic, numbers, and what this means statistically

Over the past year, the Decentraland ecosystem has grown consistently, charting mammoth spikes in user-base and market capitalization.

The GMeta.One vision is to bring together highly-engaged metaverses for combined, enhanced experience-based benefits, provided to GMeta.One metaverse platform member.

GMeta.One looks to ultimately bridge these environments together, and provide a marketplace that interconnects them.

The Decentraland active user base grew 3,300% over 2021 alone, while the native crypto moving along the Decentraland ecosystem, MANA, grew by greater than 7,300% during the same span of time.

The cost of land has risen significantly as well as GMeta.One now develops within the platform to the benefit of the community, the appreciation that has been experienced in Decentraland and other metaverse realities like Cryptovoxels, could positively impact underlying value of the GMeta.

One ecosystem and the associated $GMO crypto token.

The long-term vision is for GMeta.One to become situated and exist as a hub or meeting point where multiple metaverse realities and concepts come together.

The GMetaVAcademy educational platform with cryptocurrency and metaverse curricula, the GMeta.One NFT marketplace with NFTs possessing in-game functionality, plus a play-to-earn gaming proposition within weeks of launch, provides the ultimate virtual suite for users.

Making real estate tokenization available for those who may want to tokenize their own real estate and create liquidity from their fixed assets, creating purchasing opportunities for investors who may be looking to acquire tokenized real estate in coins, or as NFTs, make up some of the detailed, blockchain-powered utility within GMeta.One.

GMeta.One has the vision to bridge parallel metaverse and DeFi elements together, and this move in Decentraland and other company platforms is strategic.

The metaverse platform certainly seems to have their focus straight and they are sticking to the plans they’ve disclosed in the new whitepaper.

The interconnected web3 community is being developed and brought together in real-time.

The GMeta.One live presale event has gone from 250k capital raised to over 700k within 10 days. The prizes and giveaways like Dodge Charger SRT Hellcats, Oculus Quest 2 VR gaming headsets, GMeta.One rare NFTs with future NFT staking options, token matches, and other giveaways, are evidently charging the live presale environment with referrals being made by users to receive further bonuses.

The team’s asserted effort with daily zoom call presentations is also turning out a good number of unique new visitors on a regular basis.

AMA’s and other press opportunities have also begun to pick up for the GMeta.One team, as YouTube and Twitter awareness also continues to expand and increase.

It seems everything is in order as GMeta.One progresses on with the initial capital raise target of $5 million to secure all early metaverse development and project liquidity goals.

The live presale moves on and the GMeta.One newly-acquired Decentraland plot will undoubtedly be met with further news of additional acquisitions, development – or both.

Live contests and updated GMeta.One news and promotions can be best obtained in the GMeta.One telegram channel.

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