MNTGE Stitches Together NFT Fashion Garments

MNTGE Stitches Together NFT Fashion Garments

Esteemed fashion brand MNTGE has uncloaked a unique line called ‘Patchwork’, tailored from 7,500 NFT-empowered fashion items acquirable on OpenSea for $130 (0.07 ETH) apiece.

Illustrations, tattooing, and conventional embroidery span the style spectrum of these digital collectibles. Most important, however, are the NFC chips embedded into the patches to open these blockchain-based assets. 

Crafted by 11 modern artists, some of the fashion designers partaking in this endeavor include Grant Run, Coldie, Ovie ‘OSF’ Faruq and Chris Torres. Notably, ‘All Seeing Seneca‘ is spotlighted due to designing Bored Ape’s famed artworks. 

Innovating Fashion with NFC Tech

By seamlessly hemming into Ethereum’s ERC-6551 token standard, these NFTs carry other digital assets in their pockets, unzipping numerous uses and features. 


Switching fashion lanes are the NFT-empowered fashion garments with NFC chips. These chips are strategically sewn inside the tangible patches to enable collectors to access their digital counterparts. Buyers of the outerwear can scan the chips with their smartphones to access digital artworks through the same Ethereum-based technology.

This unified fusion of fashion and technology fulfills MNTGE’s vision of intertwining exclusive apparel with tech-savvy benefits. NFT holders can prepare to be showered in both physical and digital perks. 

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