MoonPay and Howard Hughes Unearth NYC NFT Scavenger Hunt

MoonPay and Howard Hughes Unearth NYC NFT Scavenger Hunt

In collaboration with the famed crypto firm, Moonpay, and community titan, Howard Hughes Corporation, New York, Manhattan’s Seaport District has unwrapped a scavenger hunt revolving around NFT rewards.

The focal point of action behind the quest is to boost engagement throughout the tourist-friendly district and gently introduce the perks of digital assets. To unlock the NFTs, participants must scan QR codes in ten hidden areas. They will then get the chance to win captivating weekly prizes, like bespoke gift boxes from local stores or concert tickets for venues in the area. 

Additionally, unlike similar NFTs of this style, winners can trade prizes on secondary marketplaces, like Rarible or OpenSea, further spreading the word about the local businesses and event spaces spotlighted in New York’s groundbreaking marketing strategy. Already, more than 100 visitors have jumped on the bandwagon. 

Tech Glitches – MoonPay to the Rescue

While the launch remains a success, there’s no denying that there’s been some bumps, technical in nature. Mobile optimization and website glitches pose challenges, hindering efforts to claim the Seaport NFT goods. Luckily, MoonPay is to the rescue, actively mitigating all obstacles. Despite these nascent stage hitches, city officials praise the blockchain-based initiative for boosting New York’s reputation as a pioneering technology and innovation hub. 


Moreover, the technical problems serve as an educational experience for crypto novices, following puzzled participants over the Ethereum account requirements necessary to claim their winnings. 

As project developers continue working toward ironing out all woes surrounding the MoonPay NFT hunt, the quest still sets the stage for what’s possible for real-world interactions. The gap between the digital and physical worlds is bridged from Central Park to other metropolises, proving that the advantages behind non-fungible tokens are limitless. 

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