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On back of their recent rebrand, Topia releases 20 pages of detailed documentation, outlining their plans for the new Topia Worlds, the tokenomics of their TOPIA token, and the Topia sidechain!

If you just want to jump right into the official documentation for Topia you can access that here (

The newly released docs have quite a bit of information. But there are three key points — Topia World NFTs, tokenomics for the TOPIA token, and how it all fits together into the upcoming Topia chain.

Topia Worlds

The World NFTs were the core of NFT Worlds and they are the core in Topia as well. World owners will be able to customize not only the appearance of their world, but also setup world rules and create custom content. They can also monetize their game world via entry fees, selling unique content and customizations, tournaments, and that sort of thing.


Prior to their shutdown, NFT Worlds had a number of verified builders that were available to hire for those without the time and/or skills to customize their worlds. It’s likely that we will see a number of similar services available for World owners with Topia.

a few Topia World NFTs
a few Topia World NFTs


The new token, TOPIA, should launch this month (May 2023). There will be a token transition from WRLD to TOPIA. The team will open a swap page once the new token is ready, allowing WRLD holders to swap 1:1 for TOPIA tokens. This feature will be available for tokens on both Polygon and Ethereum.

TOPIA has a limited supply of 5 billion tokens and will be used to pay for network fees. It also serves as the governance token for the system. Holders will be able to vote on community proposals.

Topia will include a staking system, open to everyone. However, this system also powers a TOPIA token faucet for World owners. Owners can stake their own TOPIA tokens, and receive a steady drip of tokens from the faucet which they can then use to distribute to players in their game as rewards. Token staking also offers periodical rewards such as NFT lootboxes, cosmetic items, and special titles.

Users can earn TOPIA tokens by staking World and Avatar NFTs.

TOPIA token distribution chart
TOPIA token distribution chart

Topia Chain

The Topia team is building their own, ecosystem-specific sidechain. This sidechain will be only for Topia and related projects. Everyone can access the chain and interact with the contracts, but only World owners and approved developers will be able to deploy new contracts. Anyone who owns a Topia World will have access to launching new smart contracts, creating NFT item collections for their World, and applying to have their custom items accepted as part of the larger ecosystem.

All of the tools from MetaFab will be integrated closely into Topia chain. MetaFab is an offshoot of NFT Worlds and is building a suite of tools and services that let developers easily integrate their apps with blockchain technology.

What is Topia?

Topia is a collection of virtual worlds, each of which can be customized, managed, and monetized by their owner. The game features a Minecraft style feel and gameplay with improved graphics.

Topia already has an Armory feature available. This is kind of a mini-world, wardrobe feature allowing players to preview their avatar appearance. Owners of NFT Worlds and Gray Boys avatars can see their NFTs in a game world preview.

Billed as a better, web3 version of Minecraft, Topia will include an in-app marketplace, wallet-free logins, support for custom content and tokens, the ability to play in a browser, and plenty more! They are also very focused on creating a set of developer tools that fully meet the needs of those creating the custom content. Topia expects to launch in late 2023.

To learn more about Topia Worlds, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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