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Despite having run into some funding issues earlier this year, the developers of Aradena Battlegrounds continue to solider on, bringing us a new playtest weekend, with rewards for everyone who plays at least one match!

Though progress on the development of Aradena Battlegrounds, a web3-enabled, turn-based, PvP strategy game, has been slowed, it has not stopped altogether. In fact, the Aradena team wants everyone to come and playtest their game this weekend, providing feedback on the gameplay and reporting any bugs found. In return, players can earn resources and card packs for playing this weekend, and everyone who plays at least five matches will be entered into a raffle for even more prizes, including Warrior NFTs!

Playtest Details

The playtest began on Friday, November 17th, at 12pm UTC, and runs through Monday, November 20th, 12pm UTC. During this time, anyone who logins and plays a match earns 50 silver coins and five of each commodity (all in-game items). Additionally, those who win matches and earn points can earn additional prizes including more resources and card packs. On top of that, anyone that plays at least five games will be automatically entered into a raffle. Raffle prizes consists of one Mighty Warrior NFT, one Mighty Warrior Woman NFT, a Silver Cosmetic Set, ten Genesis card packs, and ten Loot Chests!

And for those super competitive players, there will also be a leaderboard with even more rewards for the top eight players!


You can read more details on the official blog post. Aradena Battlegrounds is free to play. Head over to their website to get started!

build a deck for battle in Aradena Battlegrounds
build a deck for battle

What is Aradena Battlegrounds?

Aradena Battlegrounds is a free to play, turn-based, fantasy, strategy combat game. Players each have a Golem that marches across the board towards the opposing team. Whoever reduces the opponent’s Golem’s health to zero first wins the game.

Before heading off to combat, players must assemble a deck of cards, made of Units, Spells, and Warriors. Warriors are the Genesis NFTs of the Ardena collection and provide various bonuses and abilities. Players build and train their army of NFTs and battle other players for loot chest rewards. Loot chests include tokens and NFT collectables which players may trade through the in-house marketplace, or add to their army.

Aradena will feature a merge-up / shining feature similar to Gods Unchained. Players can merge multiple copies of a card to create a shinier version. Players can trade cards with Gold and higher level shines on the NFT markets. The Ardana team also wants to add a breeding system, a scholarship program, and land-based gameplay.

Aradenean Gold (AG) is the utility and governance token for Aradena Battlegrounds which was just launched recently via Seedify. A staking system for the AG tokens should open soon.

To learn more about Aradena Battlegrounds, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Aradena Battlegrounds

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