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Blast Royale kicks off the summer months with a three week event referred to as Multi-Blast. This free to play event offers a number of ways to plan and earn with this mobile-based, battle royale game!

Blast Royale introduces a three week, ‘Multi-Blast’ event, offering players numerous rewards for placing in the top leaderboard positions, and for simply playing the game! This event started on June 8th and runs through June 30th.

The Multi-Blast event features two leaderboards, and two additional prizes to everyone who meets certain gameplay goals. First up we have the standard leaderboard with players ranked based on the number of trophies they have earned. Anyone in the top 100 spots by the end of the event earns 1000 Coins. In addition, first place, and everyone who finishes in a multiple of 10 spot (ie, 10th, 20th, 30th, etc — up through 100), earns CS tokens based on their rank.

On top of that, everyone who wins 100 ranked games earns 50 BLST tokens, and everyone who gets at least 500 total kills will receive one, random piece of in-game Equipment.

Blast Royale screenshot
Blast Royale screenshot

Blast Royale utilizes a three token system. Coins are an in-game only currency and are used to upgrade and repair non-NFT equipment. BLST, or Blast Token, is an ERC-20 token used for purchases, upgrades, repairs, and crafting. There may also be a staking system for BLST tokens in the future.

CS tokens (Craft Spice) is the secondary token for the game and is only created via the in-game systems. Players use CS tokens for repair, crafting, and upgrades. Players earn CS tokens when playing from their own personal token pool. When the pool runs dry, players can keep playing, but they won’t earn tokens until the pool replenishes. The more trophies and NFTs that a player has, the larger their token pool. Rarer NFTs also count more than common ones.

It seems that the utility for CS tokens overlaps completely with BLST, which makes the economics of the game system more complex than it needs to be. But I’m sure there are some tokenomics decisions behind this token system design.

Blast Royale is free to download and play, and available on both Android and iOS devices.

Mukt-Blast event info
Mukt-Blast event info

What is Blast Royale?

Blast Royale is a free to play, mobile, battle royale style game with an integrated web3 market and plans for character customizations via NFTs. Players choose three items to equip, then jump into a hot zone where they try to stay alive, gather supplies, and defeat the opposing players! Blast Royale is a top-down shooter, with various special abilities provided by equipped items.

To keep matches interesting, rounds will sometimes have Mutators, or special rules that change the gameplay for that session. For example, a Mutator could provide everyone with extra speed or healing abilities.

Blast Royale will offer play and own features through a battle pass, crafting and event system. But to earn by playing Battle Royale, players will need to be competitive on leaderboards and in tournaments.

Players can already download and play Blast Royale now. The team plans to continue to build out the NFT integration, and eventually incorporate a player-run DAO system as well.

To learn more about Blast Royale, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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