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After several years of development, Guild of Guardians is ready to officially open their doors with a game launch scheduled for May 15th, 2024! And the GoG team plans to hit the ground running, pairing the launch with an event in Discord, an AMA with the team, a special giveaway, and a series of weekly prize events!

The official launch time for Guild of Guardians is May 15th, 2024, at 10am AEDT! Thirty minutes later, at 10:30am AEST, the Guild of Guardians team will hold a special launch event on their Discord server, which includes an AMA with the team and some sort of secret, special giveaway.

Later today (May 14th), the cinematic trailer will debut. This should go live on YouTube at 8:30pm EST.

Guild of Guardians will run in a seasonal format. And with this launch we begin Act 1: Age of Dread. This first season will include significant play and earn opportunities, with over $1 million in prizes offered for various leaderboards!


The game will feature an ‘endless’ leaderboard as well as arena and boss rush challenges. Players are allowed two free daily runs (with the option to purchase two more) for the main leaderboard. There will be weekly rewards as well as a monthly prize.

Then there will be daily Arena and Boss runs as well (limited to five runs per day). Rewards for the leaderboards include Ascendent Seals, GOG tokens, and NFTs. Ascendent Seals are an in-game currency used to mint new NFTs.

You can pre-order Guild of Guardians on the Apple store and through Google Play for Android devices. The game is free. I guess pre-ordering will just let you install it as soon as it launches?

Rewards for Regional Server Test Players

Guild of Guardians has been running regional servers for some time now. But May 15th will herald their global launch. And as such, the regional servers have been taken offline temporarily, and all player progress has been wiped (aside from items purchased with fiat currency). Guild of Guardians will hand out Ruby tokens to those who played on the regional servers and reached at least commander level 10.

Guild of Guardians
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What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a fantasy, dungeon crawler, auto-battler game. Players gather a team of characters to enter dungeons, battle monsters, defeat dangerous bosses, and score some sweet loot! The game will be free to play and built for mobile devices first.

Characters level up, gain new abilities, and gather gear to increase their power. Players fight through dungeons and other challenges to rise up the ranks of the leaderboards and earn valuable prizes.

All players will have access to the game characters without needing to own any NFTs, but NFT characters will receive additional bonuses. Players will be able to mint NFTs from the game using a resource known as Ascendent Seals.

Guild of Guardians runs on the Immutable zxEVM network and is one of the first games to fully integrate the Immutable Passport.

GoG used to be a more action-oriented game, but pivoted about eighteen months ago into an auto-battler. Guild of Guardians recently posted a video explaining their game.

To learn more about Guild of Guardians, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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