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Pre-registration for the Hytopia Beta opens today. Not only does this give you a chance to claim an early spot in the upcoming beta test, but you also get to register and reserve your unique username, and receive an NFT lootbox in the process as well!

Hytopia (formerly NFT Worlds, and rebranded recently from Topia) has been building a Minecraft clone from scratch. But Hytopia is more than just a clone. It will include seamless web3 integration with their own sidechain, features and updates to help world builders and developers, backwards compatibility with Minecraft servers, a launch app with an internal marketplace, the ability for third party asset creation, and more!

The testnet Hytopia chain has been live for a couple of months now, with many of the features already in place. If Hytopia can pull all of this off, they could quickly return to being a prime competitor for most active metaverse!

Beta Pre-Registration

Sometime soon, perhaps even this month, Hytopia will have their first beta release. To get an opportunity to be among those chosen for the first preview, you can pre-register for the beta. By pre-registering for the beta you also reserve your unique username in Hytopia and receive a special lootbox!


These launch lootboxes contain various cosmetic items that won’t be available in any other lootbox! These lootboxes are also NFTs. So if you don’t want to open yours, you can always sell it to someone else! The lootboxes will be delivered once beta starts.

Interestingly, usernames will be tradable commodities on the Hytopia marketplace. Players will also have the chance to acquire additional names in the future.

However, anyone thinking they will be able to snipe the name of a brand, or organization or even a famous influencer, should think again! Hytopia reserves the right to remove those names from fraudulent accounts and give them to the proper owners. Also, anyone who already reserved a name through World Name Service (way back in the days of NFT Worlds) will have that name reserved for them in Hytopia as well.

In addition, when you register your name, you’ll receive a referral link. For everyone that uses your link and signs up, you will receive an additional lootbox, and they will receive two!

Pre-registration opens on September 15th, at 2pm CST.

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What is Hytopia?

Hytopia (rebranded from Topia) is a collection of virtual worlds, each of which can be customized, managed, and monetized by their owner. The game features a Minecraft style feel and gameplay with improved graphics.

Hytopia already has an Armory feature available. This is kind of a mini-world, wardrobe feature. The Armory allows players to preview their avatar appearance while running and jumping in a small game space. Owners of NFT Worlds and Gray Boys avatars can already see their NFTs the Armory.

Billed as a better, web3 version of Minecraft, Hytopia will include an in-app marketplace, wallet-free logins, support for custom content and tokens, the ability to play in a browser, and plenty more! They are also very focused on creating a set of developer tools that fully meet the needs of those creating the custom content. All of this will be built on their roll-up, L2 Hytopia Chain.

Hytopia expects to launch their beta in late 2023.

To learn more about Hytopia, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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