Project Awakening Playtest Starts May 21st

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Project Awakening, a web3 game created by CCP Games and set within the same universe as Eve Online, is accepting applications for their Phase III playtest, which is set to begin on May 21st. Taking place on a ruined world, Project Awakening allows players to build and create, leaving their very own mark on the game world.

CCP Games built a name for themselves by creating the biggest, and longest running space-based MMMORPG ever. In recent years CCP Games has expanded their portfolio, adding new, different games, all set within the Eve Online universe. One of their latest developments, Project Awakening, is a sci-fi, sandbox, MMO world that will utilize blockchain technology.

The Phase III playtest for Project Awakening begins on May 21st. It is expected that about 5,000 players will be chosen for this playtest. You’ll need to register to be considered for a playtest slot. To register head over to the official website at fill out the form and connect your social accounts.

We don’t really know a lot about what to expect with this playtest. But we do know that Phase III will include a hackathon, encouraging players to try out the in-game creative tools.


Also, the team plans additional playtests for September and December of this year.

Project Awakening concept art
Project Awakening concept art

What is Project Awakening?

Project Awakening is a web3 gaming project build by CCP, who are famous for creating and running Eve Online. And, as part of the CCP portfolio, Project Awakening will take place within the Eve universe. The game will be a sci-fi, sandbox MMORPG.

Project Awakening will have a single world that everyone lives in, set in the ruins of a decayed civilization. Project Awakening will include in-game tools that allow players to create and customize while leaving their mark on their world. Initially, players will need to work together for survival, as the world is hostile and dangerous. Other than that, we don’t really have a lot of information about the game. Hopefully some more details will come to light as their latest playtest progresses.

To learn more about Project Awakening, visit their website and join CCP Games on Twitter.

Project Awakening concept art
Project Awakening concept art

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