Pudgy Penguins Toy Collection & Pudgy World Hub

Pudgy Penguins Toy Collection & Pudgy World Hub

Enigmatic gods of the Antarctic region, the immortal Pudgy Penguins, have dropped an absolute banger. Fresh from the icy tundra, the sharp dressed NFT mainstay has launched its very own toy collection and ‘Pudgy World’ social hub.

As of May 19, Pudgy fans worldwide can purchase a series of ‘community licensed’ physical toys from the Amazon e-commerce behemoth and other stores around the globe. The sweet new desirables come in a number of guises, allowing customers to acquire Pudgy Penguins figures, plush toys, igloos and more. Each coming with its own adoption card, birth certificate and loot-box in the newly discovered ‘Pudgy World.’

Pudgy Penguins Onboards the Next Generation of NFT Collectors

Upon examining the accompanying document, new owners will discover an embedded QR code. Scanning this code will then provide collectors with a redemption code that will unlock 4-6 NFT trait cards within the Pudgy World ecosystem. Owners can then sell, trade or wear those traits inside the in-game character builder.

This character builder will allow Pudgy World visitors to construct their very own ‘Forever Pudgy’ which users can then mint on the Polygon chain as a dynamic, soulbound NFT. Once created, they can continue to customize their character to their hearts desire and continue to trade any clothes and adornments they may own.


Pudgy World Offers an Evolving Social Experience

Pudgy World itself however, is way more than just a penguin embellishing device, offering a vast and immersive social media experience. Inside, members can connect with Pudgy fans from all over the world, play games, and explore its intricate digital landscape. For now, the options are limited, but Pudgy Penguins has promised a continually evolving ecosystem that will grow alongside its user base.

Despite the exclusivity of the original Pudgy Penguins NFT collection, anyone can join Pudgy World, but only toy owners can unlock additional NFT traits.

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