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Signups are now open for the Moonfrost closed alpha where players will have 45 minutes to explore and experience the basics of the farming feature! Some longtime supporters will automatically receive spots, but they still need to go through the application process.

Another game long in development, Moonfrost, prepares to release a limited, closed alpha playtest! Kind of a multi-player Stardew Valley, Moonfrost will offer players a chance to experience a small slice of their world during this alpha.

This playtest will include some basic gameplay loops, allowing players to grow crops and unlock new tools. Though if you get tired of working on your farm, you can always just choose to wander and explore. Each player is allotted 45 minutes of playtime for this alpha. They can play this all at once, or break it up into multiple sessions.

Spots for this closed alpha will be limited. Those with the VIP or Golden Ticket Holder roles on Discord will automatically receive a spot, though they do still need to fill out the application form.


You can apply for the Moonfrost closed alpha here. You will need to provide an email as well as a first and last name. After that, you’ll receive an email link to a short survey. Complete the survey, and then just wait to see if you are in!

We don’t have any official dates or system requirements for the alpha yet.


What is Moonfrost?

Moonfrost is a free to play, character-based, farming game, similar to Stardew Valley. Players farm and gather resources, craft items, and decorate their homes.

And though the main game will function like a single-player game, Moonfrost will include player interactions, and it will also require an active internet connection when playing. Things with timers such as crops, will still progress when you are offline. And animal lovers will be happy to know that Moonfrost will include no animal killing!

We still don’t have a lot of details about the game. Presumably the player interactions will involve shared social spaces and player to player trading. But there is also room for community quests, competitions, and perhaps even having friends help out on your farm!

Moonfrost will be released on PC and Mac first, followed by versions for mobile devices. The first closed alpha playtest should start sometime soon.

To learn more about Moonfrost, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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