The Walking Dead Empires Launches Public Playtest

Walking Dead Empires public playtest banner
Walking Dead Empires public playtest banner

A new playtest is now open for The Walking Dead Empires, bringing with it a number of new features, as well as the beginnings of persistent, player progression! In addition, this playtest will be never-ending, growing and developing over time and at some point in the future, leading into an official release!

The Walking Dead Empires opens a new playtest for their zombie-fighting, base building MMO game. Officially deemed a public development build, this marks the beginning of permanent game persistence!

Players will be able to use their NFTs for this playtest. However, those NFTs must be migrated over to the Gala Chain first. NFT Migrations are handled through the Gala Games inventory page, and only cost a minimal amount of ETH for transfer fees (my transfer charge was 0.00489 ETH).

But you aren’t required to have NFTs to play. The game offers a free to play option as well. Anyone can download The Walking Dead Empires from and join in on the fun!


What’s new with the latest build?

This release marks the beginning of an ongoing playtest that will eventually lead to the game release. But in addition to that, it also brings some new features to the game.

Supposedly the difficulty has been bumped up a bit for this playtest, encouraging players to group up and work together. Players can also now teleport to alliance members’ bases, making coordination much easier.

One handy new feature is that players will have the ability to choose a missing resource they need from the crafting menu. And then, their mini-map will reveal the general location where that resource can be found, if there is any nearby. This will be a great assistance for players who are trying to scavenge specific resources in order to craft an item.

Additionally, this playtest brings some persistence to player progress. Any Hero XP gained from here on out will remain with the Hero NFT. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be occasional world resets in the future, which could remove in-game currency, base advancement, and other game progress. But you can rest assured that from this point forward, Hero XP will be persistent, as well as Deadcoin and Gold, which are both currencies that will be added in future updates.

And with XP persistence comes game persistence as well! The team plans to have The Walking Dead Empires playtest up and running from here on out, aside from downtime for maintenance or server issues!

There are a number of other tweaks and changes as well. Unfortunately, the TWDE team has not given us a written log of what’s new, but they did try and cover everything in a recent playtest preview on Youtube.

base building in The Walking Dead Empires
base building in The Walking Dead Empires

What is Walking Dead: Empires?

Walking Dead: Empires is a multiplayer, strategy survival game set in the Walking Dead universe. Players survive the apocalypse by fighting walkers and building a base. As players upgrade their base, they must defend it against waves of walkers intent on breaking down the walls and destroying the base’s flag. Players can also own special NFTs such as forges, laboratories, and furniture. Place these NFTs into your base to provide additional bonuses or functionality.

The game offers a variety of melee and ranged weapons, many (if not all) of which can be crafted by players. Each weapon comes with its own set of special attacks. Players harvest and scavenge materials to use in crafting and base building. In Walking Dead: Empires, players can also own land. The bigger the land plot, the more allies that can join you. Common plots can have up to three players in an alliance while ancient plots can support as many as 50!

The game will feature PvP. It will also have play-to-earn opportunities through the accumulation of DeadCoin, a token on Ethereum. Walking Dead: Empires is part of the Gala Games ecosystem.

To learn more about Walking Dead Empires, visit their website and join the Gala Games Discord chat.

The Walking Dead Empires playtest screenshot
some zombies are bigger than others

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