Third Party Developer for Tap Fantasy


Rather than a game, Tap Fantasy is more of a platform, we provide entrants of mini games on the map of our meta verse which connect multiple mini verses; by doing so, anyone could become a developer that connect their games to our meta verse community so our ACG community could thrive and prosper.

We have now absorbed and gather a number of developers to develop mini games for us. We are going to show names and avatars of those developers of the game and players can like or comment on the game to help the developers to optimize and perfect their games.

The algorithm in TapFantasy is going to expose games that are more popular and obsolete those that are less fun to play so that games in the meta verse will become better and better.

We will give higher profits shares for the developers whose games are the most prevailing to motivate them to come up with the best game possible consistently. Anyone could generate profits in the meta verse with their design is our goal to achieve in the foreseeable future.

We are running the mini fishing game on the little block in the land of Odom. In case you guys could not find them, open the map and look for a tiny fish bubble; comments and the name of the developer is shown on the block.


The game has three parts: fishing, rewards and ranking. Shown above is the UI panel of the fishing game; The pin is sliding from left to right of a bar on the bottom of the UI panel, clicking on reel in fish to stop the pin from moving left to right and the closer the pin is to the red part when it stops, the higher reward you will get. On top of the UI is the player current rank and the best score from the player; players will have to buy baits to join the game, and 30% of the cost of the bait will be in the price pool for the ranking system. The more players attend, the higher the volume of the price pool! Like we previously mentioned before, players can like and comment for the game.

After fishing, you can sell the fish to our system, but beware that although the value of the fish are only related to the rarity of fish not the weights, the weights of the fish do take into account for the ranking system, the heavier the weights, the higher the rank. Players who are in the higher ranking can win a huge price, including 30% of the costs of every players` baits for fishing. Last but not least, every players can check their ranking status on the ranking panel for the fishing game so that all players can keep tracks of their ranking right now and being aware of who is on the top of the list!

While you adventuring, you might be able to see a card in a bubble on a block you passed by. This is another mini game, called memory master, and you can play to earn rewards from it.

Although through playing and finishing the three level of the memory master game you can win a mystery box including foods and NFT skins, the number of the mystery box is limited for a day. If your score is high enough, there is going to be an opportunity for you to win more valuable rewards in the price pool.

Shown above is how you play the game; click on two same cards can eliminate both cards and the level is finished after all cards are eliminated.

The level gets harder and you can see your final score and rewards after you finished all three levels.

Every story about adventure comes with a frightening villains and the strongest of them all are often dragons! The world boss stands on the block, click on it and chose three heros you got to fight against it! The level of the world boss is going to be on the UI panel as well as comment and like bottom.

Simply tap on the top left corner to start to fight the boss automatically! On top of that boss is the level and the health of the boss. The powerful monster has five health bar, you can finally defeat the boss after you set all five of its health bar to zero. After each health bar are set to zero through your attack, the boss will generate a shield that needed to be destroyed in a limited time period otherwise the boss will restore a part of its HP.

Although there are full of treasure chests all around the place and rewards after you defeat the boss, you will lose your rewards and your chests if you get killed by the boss or other players. Be careful with the hidden threats around you and all we can do is wish you good luck!

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