Wreck League Opens With Inaugural Tournament

Wreck League tournament banner
Wreck League tournament banner

The time has come to assemble your Mechs and battle for glory and a top spot on the leaderboards as Wreck League opens their inaugural leaderboard tournament! With over 1.4 quadrillion possible combinations of Mech parts, each mech fighter will be different, and every combat a different experience!

Just announced recently, Wreck League is already letting players open boxes to find Parts, assemble those parts into Mechs, and take their Mechs out for some PvP action!

And they are kicking things off with a bang as they immediately launch into a leaderboard tournament with thousands of prizes!

Mez’i’s Mayhem

Mez’i’s Mayhem is the official title of this tournament. The tournament began on September 14th and runs through September 28th. It offers three, daily time slots where the PvP feature will be available.


Scoring is pretty straightforward. One point for a win, minus one point for a loss, though a player’s score can never go below 0. This prioritizes skill and consistency over volume of matches played. Wreck League does include a points based matchmaking system, so you should generally face opponents with scores in the same range as you.

At the end of the tournament, rewards go out to the top 17,000 players and range from a simple common part for those in 10,000th place and above, to an exclusive Iconic Holoscope for the top three players, that ensures they get ownership of an Arena NFT in the future! Arena NFTs allow holders to create their own custom tournament, earning a percentage of the revenue from the tournament buy-in.

Other prizes include a fully assembled Koda Mech for fourth through tenth place, while players in the 11-25 spots receive a Mech made entirely of Legendary parts!

Acquiring a Mech

There are two options for getting a Mech. You can buy an already built Mech, or you can put your own together through parts you find in boxes and purchase off of Open Sea. An already assembled Mech will cost 0.05 ETH or more.

Mechs have dozens of potential skills available, based on their various body parts. So if you plan on building your own, you might want to read up on the official documentation before you start building. Wreck League does include a disassembly feature for breaking down Mechs for Parts. Mechs need a Part in each of the ten slots before they can be assembled. Assembly and disassembly both require a transaction fee.

What is Wreck League?

Wreck League is a side-scrolling, PvP, one on one, action combat game. However, rather than a static list of characters, players build their own fighter Mechs out of NFT parts! These parts not only affect the Mech’s look, but they also affect the Mech’s combat abilities.

Mechs are built from 10 different part types, resulting in over 1.4 quadrillion combinations available. Luckily, the game allows players to disassemble their mechs and get their parts back for use in another creation. So if you don’t like how your Mech performs, you can always break it down and start again!

Wreck League will include both a web3, NFT-based version, and a free to play, web2 version. The web3 version will launch first, with the web2 version following later this year.

Wreck League has planned three tournaments for season one which will offer Mech parts as rewards, including one of a kind NFTs!

In an interesting addition, those who build and own NFT Mechs will be able to make in-game only copies of those Mechs and sell them through the game store to other players receiving a portion of the proceeds in return. So players who can create killer combos might be able to monetize their Mech building skill!

To learn more about Wreck League, visit their website, follow them on Twitter and join their Discord server.

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