Yuga Labs Sees Mailchimp Account Compromised

Yuga Labs Sees Mailchimp Account Compromised

Yuga Labs, being such a well-known and successful brand in the NFT space, inevitably makes it the target of hackers and other malicious people. Just recently, the company’s Mailchimp account was compromised by hackers as confirmed on January 19, 2023. 

Hackers’ Plans Foiled?

While sharing the news with its fans, Yuga Labs was quick to clarify that while its MailChimp account had been compromised, none of its assets had been stolen, which is often the goal of such attacks. 

Additionally, Yuga Labs noted that none of its data was exported and that the only information that was stored in the account related to very specific email campaigns. Usually, when the accounts of prominent NFT projects are compromised, hackers try to get their users to ‘mint’ an asset in order to gain access to their NFT wallets. But luckily, Yuga Labs says that it does not use the account to announce mints and will continue to monitor the situation.

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